Here you will find a collection of frequently asked question regarding our work on HostingBad.de

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How can I get in contact with you?

Simply click on contact or send an email to Kontakt@HostingBad.de.

If you prefer personal consultancy, we are gladly taking request for a call-back.

I already got a CMS and would like to know how to host with hostingbad, but how?

Porting your website to our server is only possible if the system is not owned by one of the modular system by bigger, more expensive corporations. Message us and we can find the best solution for your situation and needs.

With some CMS like WordPress we can easily transfer your website within a few clicks. Keep in mind to change the DNS-Settings afterwards. We won’t let you down on this either!

I have already purchased a Domain, can I still use it with your service?

Normally there should be no problem on using your domain. We only need to change the A-Name server to our server and there we go. This can take up to 48 hours due to the technicalities.

It is also possible to create your own mailbox. If your domain is named website.com we can create a mailbox like contact@website.com, support@website.com, sales@website.com

I don't have a Domain at the moment.Do I have to manage it myself?

We gladly manage your future Domain. Keep in mind that it needs to be available during your request.

Can I test a website on your server to know if it's right for our business?

Sure! We will set up a dummy-website where you can try out everything yourself. That way you can get familiar with the CMS and check out tools and functions for WordPress or Prestashop.

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